Oakley horseboxes

Oakley horseboxes
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Oakley Supremacy

Oakley Supremacy is one of the world's most exclusive horse cars ever made. The car is characterized by luxury, all interior is made of walnut wood and the floor is made of teak. here you really get in a bag and bag of pop out living and plenty of room for everyone who will be with horses and employees

Oakley Supreme Non HG

Oakley Supreme Non HGV is a nice between things for you who do not need space for 6 horses but need a nice living that can be used all year round. Do you have any fuss about this model send us a request and we will answer you shortly.

Oakley Super Sport 2

Oakley Super Sport 2 is a model that can be run on a regular car certificate and has the space you need. a small living room, equipment room and room for 2 horses.

Oakley Sport 2

Oakley Sport 2is a sporty less horse car that accommodates the necessary equipment and accommodates 2 horses. The car is sporty and has good driving skills.

Oakley horseboxes
Perhaps the most exclusive horse cars available

Oakley horseboxes

Today’s Oakley horseboxes are far removed from the simple mahogany vehicles built by Oakley’s 65 years ago. Now they are aluminium panelled, up to 39ft long and have 6 star hotel class accommodation. They have every modern facility including continuous hot running water, under-floor / radiator central heating, power showers, Dishwashers / Washing machine / dryers, Satellite television, Cinema surround sound DVD, satellite navigation equipment, fully equipped hand built kitchens with marble/granite worktops, hand stitched leather upholstery, on board self monitoring generators and separate water tanks and hoses for washing and grooming horses up to peak show standard.

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