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Renault STX Hestebil Magnum 480 Hk

372/5000 This is a top-equipped Stx Horse car with very low km and new technology on hot water and power systems and very popular layout with laundry room for 4-5 horses. The car has all the equipment. Heat in water systems. Floor heating. Very large beds. 8 people. Power generator. Bose sound system. This is a fantastic family car with plenty of space and comfort at a very good price.

Renault Theault Light Eo

Fantastic car, rare opportunity! Super two-horse car from Theault! The car is in very good condition, accommodates 2 horses and plenty of gear in the back room. Equipped with: - Camera in the horse department - back camera - Fans and lights in the horse department - Sulkyfester - Dab radio - 2 sets of wheels - Animal approved for transport over 8 hours! - Navigation - Bluetooth

Renault Parados sport

Fantastic two horses from Roelofsen! Two horses with maximum comfort, safety and quality! The car has EVERYTHING!
Get in touch for a nice horse car chat, viewing or trial drive!

Mustang Monarch

Incredibly nice and practical hedgerow! It has only been used to carry equipment, never been a horse! The trailer can accommodate 2-4 horses and sleep 2-3 people. Send feedback History Saved Community

Iveco OakleySupreme

This is the Oakley Supreme 7.2 ton which is a super nice little horse car. It is built with thought design, safety and payload! You can ride this with 2 big horses and all the equipment you may want to bring. It is Oakley's amazing quality and design. Must be seen and experienced.

Volvo FH16 700 STX

Incredibly nice car with all the equipment! The car is built on a Volvo FH16 700 HP! The register for 8 people and sleeps 6 people. The car is equipped with: - pop up - Pop out - Cummins generator - Websato - waterborne heat in floors - dish - Dishwasher - Washing machine - Date cabinet in the side of the car w / elevator - Heat pump / air conditioning - Glass panorama please

Mercedes-Benz STX

The car takes 5-6 horses and has 7 beds and the register for 8 persons! Very well equipped including: - Pop Out -Pop up - Xenon candles, el. sun blinds, rain / light sensor, Alcoaglan alloy wheels - Heating in all floors - Satellite facilities double. 2 pcs TV In the living room and 1 pcs in the bedroom over bathroom, 1 pcs TV. in - 9 kw Waterborne diesel heater in the living room - 4 kw diesel heater in the horse section. - Power unit 3500w diesel. - 750L water tank and 350L septic tank with inlaid heat. - Winter insulated pipes w / heat - dishwasher - Washing machine - side cabinet with lift

Renault GT Elite

Through many years of experience with horse cars and carriage of horses we have come up with a new fantastic car with a top quality cabinet and a reasonable payload. The car can be tailor made for Trav Galopp Dressage and jump riding. Comes with and without stallion decor. This is probably a new market leader.


Very practical and nice hanging! sleeps 3 horses and sleeps 2 people. Have recently completed service where brakes were replaced. Has shower, fridge, sink and 220 V power system.

Scania p 380 STX

Very nice STX that looks well maintained! Low km stand and is nicely used! & horse seats sleeps 6 people Equipped with: - Webasto - Generator - pop out - TV with national television - side ramp - camera in the hot room and back compartment - Hangs painted in the same pattern / color as the car, can be included for 140,000 kr.

Volvo FL STX Hestebil

Great and convenient car! The car is very pretty, looks almost unused. The car takes 4-5 horses and 6 people, and can accommodate 6 people. Equipped with: - pop out / pop up - Heating cables - Air conditioning - Webasto - Side disaster - Generator - Tow hitch

Peugeot Equitrek Victory

Very well kept horse car! The car appears the stroke! Has space for 2 horses in addition to plenty of equipment. Equipped with: - Heat in the living room - Shower - Toilet - Kitchen - Camera surveillance - Fans and lights in horse eyes.

Mercedes-Benz AK - Atego

Nicely used AK Horse car! The car takes 4-5 horses, as well as sleeping up to 4 people. Equipped with: - Webasto - Air conditioner - TV with satellite - Complete kitchen - Side disaster - Generator - Winch for the showcase

Scania STX

Very pretty car! The car is registered for 6 people and sleeps 6 people. There is pop-out in both the living room and bathroom! Well equipped with: - Generator - TV with satellite dish - Large fridge M / freezer - Air conditioning - Webasto heat - Floor heating cables - Side disaster - camera in horse department and back compartment - Pop-out in living room and bathroom

Renault UME 2 hester

Top 2 horses car! The car is very well kept! Ume is known for building cars that are very solid in top quality. The car is well equipped with: - Automatic transmission - Light and fan in the horse department - Camera - summer and winter tires on stud - Plenty of room for decor - just in front of the horses - Sulkyfester

Renault STX RM

Very nicely kept STX 2 horses` car, with stallion decor! The car is very nicely used, Has removable partition. Well equipped with: - Automatic transmission - Lights and fans in the horse department - summer and winter tires - Navigation - Air conditioning - Leather seats - Camera in horse department and back camera

Iveco Oakley Supreme Hestebil

Super nice Oakley Supreme Horse car. Top equipped 7.5T horse car with good payload and Oakley fantastic quality and design. ! The car looks like new and should be seen and sold by branded dealers. Contact us for a nice chat about horse car.

Volvo FL STX Hestebil

Very well maintained horse car! The car is registered for 6 people, sleeps 6 and can accommodate 4-5 horses! Very well equipped including: - pop out - pop up - generator - Webasto - heating cables - winter insulated - Air conditioning

Volvo STX

STX built on a Volvo fm 510 HP! The car looks like new! Very well equipped with: 5 horses. Laundry - Pop Out - Pop Up - Generator - Waterborne floor heating - Bose home theater system - Dish - Laundry room with layout for washing machine and dryer - Date cabinet in side of car with elevator

Isuzu Equitrek

Very practical and nice car with high payload! The car is registered for 3, sleeps 4 people and takes 3 horses! Equipped with: - heat (gas) -TV -kobiovn -kokebluss -shower -toilet - towbar fans and lights in the horse department

Volvo FL6

Practical work car! The car can accommodate 5 horses, has living room with sofa and sleeps persons. Equipped with: - camera in horse department - Refrigerator - Hydraulic rear ramp - 220 power connection - Heat in living

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