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Renault Roelofsen Smart

Save 120,000 kr. Roelofsen Smart with 1100 kg payload and the largest car that is on the market !! Top quality car !! The car is complete with 170 hp, towing hitch, auto climate, back camera and camera in horse riding.

Renault STX Hestebil Magnum 480 Hk

This is a top-equipped Stx Hestebil with very low km and new technology on hot water and power systems and very popular layout with laundry room with room for 4-5 horses. The car has all the equipment. Heat in water systems. Floor heating. Mega large beds. 8 people.

Renault GT Elite

Through many years of experience with horse cars and shipping of horses, we have come up with a new wonderful great car with a top quality cabinet and a reasonable payload. The car can be tailored to Trot Gallop Dressage and jumping riding. Comes with and without stall decoration. This is probably a new market leader.

Volvo Oakley Supremacy

This is a fantastic fine horse car with room for 6 people and 5 horses. Oakley at its best and most charming. Well maintained and the quality of Oakley one can see long way !! This is a horse car most people can use. The car should be seen and experienced!

Renault STX RM

Incredibly nice two-horse with stallion decor! The car is barely used and appears to be new! With dedicated employees, we ensure our customers the best quality of service our customers deserve.

Volvo Roelofsen RR5 FH 540

This is a rare opportunity. a used Roelofsen for sale !! Roelofsen RR 5 Pop out pop up with room for 7 horses and a mega convention in the side of course with hydraulics as it is also in pop out.

Renault Stx Hestebil Magnum 480 dxi

Very tough STX horse car with 4 chairs in front and a total of 8 seats and can seat 5-6 horses. Very well equipped and recently completed service and EU control. The car has the following equipment: Heating in the floor and water system. Aircon. Luxury bathroom with terracotta tiles. Satellite dish.Pop out. +++++

Iveco OakleySupreme

This is Oakley Supreme 7.2 tons which is a super nice little horse car. It is built with thought design, safety and payload! You can run this with 2 big horses and all the equipment you might want to bring with you. It's Oakley's amazing quality and design. Must be seen and experienced.

Renault Roelofsen Parados Sport Spesial

Roelofsen Parados Sport Special. A new model of the top model with sulky mounts (can be taken on and off) and large back door that allows you to place large equipment cabinets in the rear part. Stallion decor that allows the horses to travel with maximum safety.

Iveco Oakley Supreme 7,5 T

The market's best and best looking 7.5 ton car! Built on Oakleys Som is well known for its superb quality and finish. The car takes 3 people, 3 horses, and sleeps 4 people.


Very convenient and well kept car! registered for 6 people sleeping 6! Recently performed: Large - service w / valve adjustment, new heat pump, new brakes, and new toilet.

Volvo FH 16 750 HK Oakley Supremacy

This is perhaps the world's most beautiful horse car ever ... Oakley's amazing Supremacy with the most lavish build ever. The car must only be experienced. The car has absolutely all the equipment !!

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